Steam Trap Monitoring Solution

Real Time Fault Detection

The Linq team has developed a solution to relieve the operating complications of steam systems. Instead of time-consuming manual audits, Linq pairs their IoT platform with steam trap monitoring technology to help you minimize energy costs through non-invasive monitoring of your existing steam traps to remotely detect early failures.

Linq first installs wireless steam trap monitors, which consist of sensors that measure the inlet and outlet temperatures of a steam trap. The sensor data is transmitted to a Node for analysis. The monitors are capable of wireless communication with a node up to 1,600 feet away. If more range is needed, wireless repeaters can be installed, increasing the range to up to 6,000 feet. Each node is capable of receiving data from up to 255 different steam trap monitors.

Using any cellular, wired, or wireless Internet connection, the node then pushes its data to the Linq cloud-based platform. From here, the steam trap data is used to create reports on the steam trap's status. These reports can be accessed by any Internet-connected smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Linq can diagnose costly steam trap failures in real-time and immediately alert all appropriate personnel.