Tenant Directory


Linq's Tenant Directory provides a class A commercial property in downtown Houston with an interactive touch­screen system immune to connectivity issues and protected against security breaches. The directory aids in building navigation and allows information to be updated by the tenants themselves.


For a building with over sixty floors, updating tenant information proved to be a burdensome task. With the new system, individual tenants can update their own information. Unlike previous directories, which relied on a constant Internet connection, the new tenant directory is unaffected by loss of connectivity. Hand­held devices are able to download information from the directory screen by scanning a QR code. The system also incorporates weather and traffic information, as well as an alarm screen for management to alert occupants of emergencies.

Our Solution

To prevent outages when Internet connectivity fails, the tenant directory is designed to be entirely self­contained: all tenant data is stored locally. The task of updating information is simplified by giving tenants the freedom to update their individual screens in the directory, instead of relying on management. The system provides for enhanced security by only allowing information to be updated from computers and networks which have been white­listed.