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Modern Demand Based CO Ventilation System

In the past, demand-based CO ventilation relied on complex and an expensive building automation system to operate effectively. Linq's cloud-based platform uses “fewer moving parts” so it’s simple to install, program and maintain. On top of this, the system lets facility engineers analyze historical CO data and receive alarm notifications if the system fails to operate as designed.

By making use of modern technology, Linq's system requires only one component - the smart, cloud-based CO sensor, which comes complete with a built-in relay to control fans. These sensors wirelessly report to the cloud in real-time, and when the gas concentration is high, the cloud commands the exhaust fans to switch on. Previous ventilation systems operated on complex logic and preset schedules. Linq's sensor continuously checks the CO concentration and only starts ventilation when needed. By cutting out unnecessary ventilation, Linq manages to maximize equipment lifespan and energy efficiency.

The cloud not only collects data but also controls the system. Building engineers have 100% access to the system for manual overrides etc. Should the connection or the cloud go off-line, the system will automatically send a notification to the building engineer and also turn the exhaust fans on, just to be safe.

Linq’s platform does not require any interaction with the IT department. The system can operate over Ethernet, WiFi or cellular since it only needs "Internet out". The system is secure through modern security features including 256 bit encryption.

Traditional CO demand based ventilation systems require:
Carbon monoxide sensors
Relays to control the exhaust fans
Wire runs in conduit
BAS controllers
Computer on site
BAS software
Labor to install and program

Linq's Platform only requires:
CO sensor with a relay built to start/stop a fan
Linq Cloud
Labor to install the CO sensor and some programming
Internet connection (Ethernet, WiFi or cellular)


Our mission at Linq is to connect you to your building in ways never before possible. Below are just a few of our services:

Software/Cloud Integration

Is your existing software suite outdated, or possibly malfunctioning? Extend the life of old/legacy software by leveraging our ability to connect these applications to the Cloud.

Hardware Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) is ushering in a new age of connectivity between sensors, equipment and the Internet. Our Hardware Design Team has several decades of experience in developing hardware to meet FCC, ANSI, UL, PTCRB, Cellular Carrier Certification, and CTIA Over the Air Performance standards.

Data Management/Analytics

"Big Data" is about more than just collecting information. Massive amounts of data can be overwhelming without the ability to easily analyze it. We create tools to help you evaluate your data and "connect the dots" like never before.


Virtually any system in your facility can be connected to the Cloud. Monitor these systems from anywhere in the world without complicated apps - our software works with all modern browsers and devices. Notify users of any abnormal conditions immediately via email or SMS.


Have an idea for a product in the fields of Facilities or Energy Management? Let us help you bring that idea from the drawing board to reality. We offer full-service design and production teams that are ready to help!

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