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Linq's asset intelligence platform offers an all-encompassing solution for asset management, including inventory, lifecycle monitoring, inspection, and warranty tracking. Designed to boost operational efficiency and reliability across industries, Linq equips organizations with the tools and insights necessary for superior asset optimization, keeping you ahead in asset management.


Linq enhances financial performance by minimizing expenses with cost-efficient solutions for asset tracking and predictive maintenance, optimizing asset lifecycle.

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At the forefront of asset management technology, Linq integrates the latest innovations for superior asset intelligence, ensuring competitive edge.

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Linq offers customized asset intelligence strategies with specialized knowledge across healthcare, finance, and manufacturing, aligning solutions with industry-specific needs.


Designed to support growth, Linq’s scalable platform adapts to both small and large asset portfolios, ensuring value and comprehensive support that evolves with your business.

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Predictive Maintenance Program.

Linq’s software is powered by our in-house programming team, available to address and solve unique business challenges for our customers efficiently.

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