Revolutionizing Asset Management: Linq’s Geo-Locator App Sets New Standards

In an era where precision and accuracy are paramount in asset management, Linq’s innovative approach to asset data collection is setting new standards. The introduction of the “Geo-Locator” feature to their Asset Data Collection app marks a significant leap forward, particularly for large box store retailers. This cutting-edge feature is designed to enhance the reliability of asset tracking by ensuring that assets are associated with the correct store location, marrying technology with convenience and accuracy.

A Closer Look at the Geo-Locator Feature

Linq’s Geo-Locator is not just an add-on; it’s a game-changer. By leveraging geo-location technology, the app cross-references a user’s physical location with the store’s registered address and coordinates, ensuring assets are cataloged accurately. This is particularly crucial for large retailers with multiple outlets, where asset misplacement can lead to significant operational hiccups.

The process begins with a comprehensive verification of the retailer’s store addresses and coordinates, ensuring the database is up-to-date. Upon deploying the Geo-Locator feature, the app conducts an initial location check when a user sets the store location in the app. If the user is within a predetermined distance from the store, they can proceed as usual. However, if the discrepancy is noted, the app issues a warning, prompting the user to verify the store number or override the alert.

Enhanced Verification Through Redundancy Checks

The Geo-Locator feature introduces redundancy checks for added reliability. Each asset upload is accompanied by a location verification, reinforcing the accuracy of data collection. This meticulous approach ensures that even if a user’s device loses a cellular signal and switches to the store’s WiFi, the app can utilize the WiFi router’s physical location for verification, further solidifying the user’s correct location within the store.

Implications for Large Box Store Retailers

For large box store retailers, the implications of Linq’s Geo-Locator are profound. It not only streamlines the asset management process but also significantly reduces the margin for error in asset tracking. By ensuring that assets are accurately tagged to specific locations, retailers can enhance operational efficiency, reduce the risk of asset loss, and improve overall inventory management.


Linq’s introduction of the Geo-Locator feature in its Asset Data Collection app represents a significant advancement in asset management technology. By integrating geo-location verification, Linq is providing a solution that not only addresses the current needs of large retailers but also sets a new benchmark for accuracy and efficiency in asset tracking. As the digital landscape evolves, Linq’s commitment to innovation and precision positions it as a key player in transforming asset management practices for the better.


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